Audioguide: Discover traces of Czech Wroclaw

Do you know something about Wrocław? Do you know any traces of Czech Wrocław?

The good news is that you don't need to go to Wrocław to get information about it :) We prepared audioguide which you can listen to also at home. Of course is better to download free application and walk through beautiful streets of the oldest part of Wrocław. You can check this website:

Audioguide: Discover traces of Czech Wroclaw

During our tour we will examine what remains of Wrocław from the shared history of Czechs and Poles.

We will uncover leagcies, we will reveal fascinating people and events especially concerning Czech connections. From the princess Dobrava, King Charles IV of Luxembourg, the physician who was born and practiced in Wrocław; Jan Jessenius, the Czech physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkyne, right through to the singer and poet Karl Kryl.

If you are interested in learning Czech or Polish you can also find our audioguide in both languages :)
Audioprzewodnik: Odkryj czeskie ślady we Wrocławiu
Audioprůvodce: Objevte české stopy ve Vratislavi

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